Strongfort Books (aka Max Unger) - vintage strongman old school weight training

"The great secret of body building is to make the muscles do a little bit more each day. When you go into a gymnasium, don’t make the mistake I have seen so many men make of tiring themselves the first evening or two and then letting things sag. Begin slow and get up steam. Don’t exercise until the muscles are fatigued, dog-tired, as we say. Instead exercise until they are moderately tired, then quit. If you overdo them it takes them a long time to catch up. Aim to use up most of the cells in the muscles, but leaving enough to build on. A muscle becomes strong by building up new cells. If you use up just about all the old cells new ones will come, meeting the demand. In this way a surprising amount of strength can be added. If you exercise and strain until you are completely worn out you run the risk of losing strength and weight instead of gaining. 

An athlete’s muscle can be soft, unflexed, as those of an ordinary man. It takes work to become a man of strength, just as it does to become a capitalist or a great musician. But the work becomes a pleasure if it is in accordance with Nature and as soon as you see the good results of your ambition you will realize that your efforts are well paid for. Besides strength, you will also gain a degree of health, that is worthy of the name. Health and strength are indissolubly related." - LIONEL STRONGFORT